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Dance Healed Me


And it continues to heal me, over and over and over.

When I was embarking on my second divorce, contemplating what being a single mom for the second time would look like, while also weaning myself off of antidepressants, the only thing I could do was dance about it; dance over it - seek, ask, knock, dance, repeat. I did this every morning, beckoning God to show me the way. While doing this, God began answering me, by giving me insights, inspirations, and ideas. I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to "create dances for women that had meaning and healing", just as I too was seeking meaning and healing.  I was addicted to this. After feeding my three-year-old, then setting her up in her play area, I went to my little dance spot next to her, turned on my music, and pressed into the God zone. I danced, I sought, searched & cried. I moved as if I was talking. I reached my arms, swayed, prayed while humming .....I wasn't stopping till God broke through for me; till God broke through me! And...He did...

Behold, my company, SACRED DANCE PATH, was born! A sacred dance system that moves the participant from where they are to where they desire to be. It is a dance bridge for healing.

I found that when we seek God through reaching our heart in His direction, He meets us where we are and together we meld & move. Healing happens within the reaching.


Put on some beautiful music that feels very heavenly to you, or . Lift up your hands to Heaven, sway from side to side, and speak your prayer audibly. Do this until the experience feels complete. Give thanks and gratitude, in Jesus name, amen.

God is not static. The Holy Spirit is moving and active. Tap into the outpour. Dance your prayer to life!


Begin your healing today in the virtual FREE women's sacred dance class! Make movement matter in YOUR life!


1 Saturday per month


A global sacred dance encounter for women.  No experience is necessary, just come, bring a prayer, and a passion to emote, express, create, drop in, and rise up. We will do all of this through a beautiful sacred movement system called Sacred Dance Path, which includes gentle hula, the drumbeats of Tahiti, Polynesian Fusion reggae, Ho'oponopono, and more!


"The path is sacred, and so are you!"

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